NNAS Backup Server appliance range


Data, its invaluable to your business and you need it quickly and easily restored
when disaster strikes, so why take any chances?
Introducing the NNAS Backup Server appliance range which gives you a
backup storage solution that is easy to use, handles complex 24/7 operations,
and is available at small business prices. If you want your data backups to be
reliable, automated without user intervention, have high data availability,
performance without data protection loss and a cost effective faster solution
then tape, then look no further then the NNAS Backup Server.

● Easy to use web interface, accessible worldwide *
● Operational within minutes of installation
● Informative and easy to understand backup logs
● Virus scanning capabilities
● Automatic anti-virus updates **
● Simple backup administration
● Configuration settings saved off site
● Specify multiple recipients for e-mail reports
● Automate data backups from NFS shares (Linux servers or desktops)
● Automate data backups from SMB shares (Windows servers or desktops)
● Automate mail backups from any NetBox appliance server
● No costly additional software licences required for any servers or desktops
you will backup
● Easy monitoring of running backup jobs
● Faster then tape solutions
● Reduced physical security risk as personnel no longer need to access secure
servers to swap media
● No human intervention required once the automation is complete, reducing
human error
● In-built system diagnostics
● Automate transfer of existing backups to a portable USB drive
● Ability to upload backups (into the Backup Server) from a USB drive
● Graphical display of disk usage consumed by existing backups
● Automatic Time synchronisation
● Automatic UPS monitoring ***
● Backup Servers are shipped with your network settings pre-configured for
easy no fuss installs
● 19” Rack Mountable
● Front and Rear USB Ports for easy connection of portable USB drives
● Choose from easy to restore native file formats or archives
All prices quoted are inc. GST and in $AUS E & OE Effective